International Journal of Innovation in Pharma Biosciences and Research Technology

Chief Editor Mrs. B.S. Jayachitra


Identification and isolation of the pigments from Musa acuminata by TLC and HPLC method
Dhamodharan.R, *Rakhi Yadav
The flower peel of the Musa acuminata have been possess the high antioxidant content and it is a good source for the Beta-carotene and it can be used for the health and its utilization. The flower peel was grinded with acetone to extract the pigment and dried. The extracted pigments were scrutinized using TLC applying different solvent system to identify the type of natural pigments and flower peel extract is compared with the standard Beta-carotene. The study was progressed to extract and find out the natural pigment from flower peel. The flower peel extract was determined for its total antioxidant, total carotenoids and Beta-carotene was measured spectrophotmetrically. Beta carotene content was evaluated for its quality and quantity by HPLC.
Keywords: Musa acuminate, pigment, TLC, Carotenoids
Corresponding author email id Full text Published Date : 26-Jun-2015